About Us

Welcome to Smart Women Write, a collaborative blog we’ve created to foster community and forge connections between women writers like us. Our mission is to offer resources and ideas, and most of all, to explore the vast and complex – fitful but also joyful – process of writing itself.

The four of us come to writing by way of grad school. Tanya and Angela hold PhDs in history; Raquelle, a PhD in French Studies, and Lynn, a Master’s in Art History. All of us have clocked too many hours of academic writing to count. Our paths since grad school have been different, but we each work to blend what we did then with what we do today in our respective “day jobs.”  And we all still write. A lot.

At Smart Women Write you’ll sometimes find us writing about those day jobs. You’ll find us talking about the challenges of finding time to write. You’ll find some of us talking about how we manage to write while also raising kids, or about how we work to find balance between work and life. We’ve moved beyond term papers and dissertations to use our skills for bigger and bolder projects, both inside and out of our original academic specialties. At Smart Women Write you’ll also learn more about what and why we write.

We’ll offer our thoughts, and we hope you’ll share yours too! Because we are also here to learn from you. Happy writing!